A Developers Guide to Storage and Manipulation of Passwords

For many users, creating and entering passwords is an everyday occurrence. On today’s internet, very few services will allow access without some form of credential. Whether it’s internet banking or social networking, the user is required to enter a username and a password.

Although passwords have a number of weaknesses when compared to alternative methods (such as One Time Tokens), they continue to be the most common form of authorisation. As a developer, it is highly likely that you will need to process and store passwords at some point

The aim of this whitepaper is to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the various methods available. We will also look into the available methods of processing supplied credentials to establish whether to permit the user access to the system.

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The Importance of a Good Document Retention Policy

Most businesses will create and rely on hundreds if not thousands of documents every year. We all recognise the importance of retaining these documents until we can be sure they are no longer required, but what of the other resources we use?

This paper examines how businesses can protect themselves by ensuring a comprehensive retention policy is designed and enforced.

Originally published at Virya Technologies.


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Educating Our Way to Security

The Internet Security landscape is littered with the metaphorical bodies of those who routinely fallfor the popular ruses perpetrated by malware authors, phishing scams and 419'ers. Much of thebadware out there is reliant on convincing the target (or mark) to undertake some type of action,education is therefore a very important weapon in the fight against 'cybercrime'.

This Whitepaper discusses a number of threats facing businesses today.

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Maintaining an effective web presence

There are very few companies that can afford not to maintain an effective web presence, even the goliaths that could survive
without the added custom usually have some form of web service available. Maintaining a website doesn't need to be hard
work and can provide your customers with the added value that generates sales . Many users ; business and private, now use
search engines such as Google to locate companies offering a service they require. If you don't have a website and your
competitors do, you stand to lose countless customers.

So what exactly do we mean by an effective web presence?


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The Importance of Changing Default Passwords

In today’s connected world, passwords are absolutely everywhere. We are constantly asked to
create new passwords, whether for a Facebook account, financial management systems or a new

Whilst new accounts seldom come with a default password, many devices do ship with a generic
username and password. Despite wide awareness of the importance of password control, many
people still fail to change these default passwords.


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