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Sitemap Generator is a collection of scripts that will generate a compliant XML sitemap file for use with Google. Additionally, it will also generate a HTML sitemap if required.





Webchecksum is a (very) simple BASH script intended to be called by a Serverside Include.

The attached file is a POC of the Fuellog view page, no formatting or authentication has yet been implemented.


  • ClaimsDB

    ClaimsDB is a Database Engine written in BASH

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  • Sitemap Generator

    Sitemap Generator is a collection of BASH scripts that will crawl your website and then create a Google XML sitemap using the results

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  • Misc

    A collection of scripts and programs that may be of interest but are not projects as such

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  • Vehicle Management System

    VMS is a PHP/MySQL based system for monitoring and maintaining a fleet of vehicles

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