- The Home of Ben Tasker

A collection of scripts and programs that may be of interest but are not projects as such

Attached are a few random scripts, inlcuding;


  • Convert Movie to MP4
  • Create a slideshow from a selection of Images
  • A playlist generator (very much obsolete!)


Captcha is a basic BASH based Captcha system used to verify that a website visitor is in fact human!

You'll need to generate a database of captcha images for use (one will be provided once restored from backup).


This is an old project and may not be fit for purpose now!


Timeclock is a basic clocking in/out system written in BASH. It stores all information in a CSV allowing the data to be easily imported into a spreadsheet.

Being console based it's probably not suited to most businesses, but does have it's uses in some settings.


Released under GNU GPL

I wrote NetManage a very long time ago, but it's a (now very simplistic) BASH interface allowing you to manage a Linux server remotely.

In reality, it's quite inefficient and has a fair few bugs!


Webchecksum is a (very) simple BASH script intended to be called by a Serverside Include.