PHPCredlocker is an Open Source(GNU GPL V2) credentials locker written in PHP. Featuring strong encryption and a paranoid approach to security, the system has been designed to prioritise the secure storage of credentials over all other considerations.

I'm not an interface designer (not by a long shot) so the system has been designed to be templatable by those who know how to make things look nice!



Downloading PHPCredLocker

Please download from GitHub or by clicking here. 




Latest Commits

  • Added Double-blind indicator in preparation for PHPCRED-11
    bentasker - 07 Dec 14:26
  • Updating licensing statements. See PHPCRED-10 and PHPCRED-12
    bentasker - 07 Dec 14:10
  • Updating version number, see PHPCRED-16
    bentasker - 07 Dec 14:03
  • Updated license header in JS files. See PHPCRED-17 and PHPCRED-10
    bentasker - 07 Dec 13:58
  • Re minified JS ready for release. See PHPCRED-15
    bentasker - 07 Dec 13:55
  • ExternalResources 30 December 2012
    AffinityLive Logging 22 December 2012
    AutoAuth 22 December 2012
    PHPCredLocker: Post Installation Steps 12 December 2012
    Security in PHPCredLocker 12 December 2012
    Introducing PHPCredLocker 12 December 2012
    Installing PHPCredLocker 12 December 2012